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HOW TO WIN | End Game Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

HOW TO WIN | End Game Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

junk Junction I guess we're going to do a selfie Springs drop as requested by a majority of yours as much as I would love to drop at retail right now, but salty Springs, I don't think we've done its Offspring Cemetery. So we going to do that right now Southeastern, Terry coming right up and go straight down. I usually hit this house right here the brick one on the south side of the north side the brick house as usual. I like to go lucid Rampage. Thanks so much for 2 months in a row, but I appreciate that man. on the Water by guys Brick House Northside Let's do this. That's right here. Hurry up. We got to take this test. We're not going to let the rest of the house. Actually we are because we got a grenade launcher. If I got anything else I would have pushed forward with everything else. We got a grenade launcher. So let's open this chest as well. Maybe some minis an AR. Don't we got to cross though, the two worst things you can get out of a chest right in the beginning is what we got. So we'll try our best to make it work break some furniture. Hopefully there is something down here for us. Just a minions after we use their Bishop. That's nice. That's nice. I'll consider it to the second floor right here place this right here. That's not right there. Scott chill out trying to see if I can see where this guy is. Is he sees me at this point? There's no point in like trying to push him from the side. I got a plank around the side of him and see if I can like it. I'm like right here. I can cover this and I can just one to is that cuz I thought I'm going to the stairs. All I have to do is just close it off and I'm going to rebuild this and we can push me see what he had. He had an AR. Scrabble are in the shotgun. He saw us at the window. I don't want to Peak somebody with a crossbow and the window. You know, that's just like it's too too risky. Let's go ahead and break through here that the chest up top. Look at that chest. Another Bee Shield perfect going to use that. When somebody hides underneath the stairs like the perfect perfect play for me. This is so many ways. You can kill somebody underneath the staircase. I reload this I shot to just didn't have shields. He died around the first one. This place has been looted. We're going to push on South East. My bad north south east west. I was never a Boy Scout. So forgive me East And try to locate the action. There she is. I don't know. I don't know what that drop was as weird. I mean that wall that I might have. I didn't think I did but that's fine. I so she was actually Crouch right here then like she killed somebody but at the same time it seemed like she was kind of cautious of this building. So there might be somebody here. There might not be we can talk to her. She turn her back we go back. This place is loaded. I check the gas station. This gas station is near by the way, he patches go or Tabasco sadder, but there's a chest in here potential. You don't usually find a gas station because she does have a chest so you should definitely do that. Go ahead and drop the med Ki I value Med kit over big Shield just because big Shield Can't wait to get proof, I suppose I saw Siri CEO Ace. It's it's it's it's often, right? PC players won't be playing with Xbox players Xbox players can play with PC players if they want to but these players won't be playing with with Xbox players like that wouldn't be fair. All right, so we're going to check this house. Some materials that we need to get again. The furniture does give you a decent amount of materials if you break them some like it adds up in the house. All right. So I was saying I value of The Shield over the mud cake is mostly will you kill have met your bandages and is like a plethora plethora of them on the battlefield. However Shields are used to like. To prevent taking damage on their health wild make it so used to heal up once you take damage so that the odds of like finding medkits out in the open are much higher than fighting shields. Right. Now we're heading towards retail Row. The reason being is that retail row stop commentating what you're doing every second. I wish I could do the SpongeBob SpongeBob Meme and respond to that with SpongeBob meme. Be educated embrace it raining Doritos are the reason why we're having three turbos because that was the first plane we flew over like we Flew Over the first city we go over on the bus. So most likely there's people here who are looted are coming out for people that are still here fighting each other. Awesome. Let's go when Helen over. most of it seems loaded around it's going to run straight on through not really in any of the houses. Most of them are looted or their head. They have traps in them. So no reason to risk that play. I'm happy with the way we have right now. Now if if retail isn't have anything or anybody remaining we're going to go ahead and push north towards the containers. That's that's usually the play to make. in this situation That's usually why do eyeliner retelling if if I clear resale or if there's not enough loot? I'll go up north. I'll check the trucks and I'll go up north storage containers. So we are going to go north until I can go up on the sale, but I'm very limited materials. I'd rather just hold on to them right here is usually like there's a lot of trees over here in this area between retail and the container drop. So if you need would you can get like 100 to 500 would very quickly does hit the trees with the low branches those get more wood than the Trees of the high branches. So what's going going in soon? Top physical education, looking at the chat and I'm not responding to donations and subscription until after the game. Just because you want we want to record a few really good educational commentary today. So so we're doing for you guys. That's what we're doing. Cut some trees down. She got something on her side is over the top. He's got double shotguns. He dropped down though. He misses shots. That's that's good for us. He's going back up. He's got his back French translator. Psy clean pump That guy was extremely aggressive. We kept The High Ground was going to accommodate that we kept that we first thing we covered herself up because he had The High Ground on us then we open up we went straight up and then he jumped on us, but we kept building up and he fell underneath and as he was coming up with him a couple times this guy. This is one of those like suicidal guys. And when I say that I mean like he is extremely aggressive and all he knows is to push push. Push towards his own safety, even though he was very weak and we had The High Ground advantage and we hit a multiple times. He was still just going in for the kill. So I mention that because there's a certain amount of aggression that's acceptable that amount of that. He showed his breakfast. It's that's all it is. Simply Reckless. He should have realized early in that fight that we were a good player and we were a building and that's building we were out building him. He should have realized that and adjusted his aggression to match the situation, but he just kept pushing and pushing and pushing so you became very predictable and because of how he was able to turn around and kill him song. It's good to be aggressive. I'm not saying you should be best if it's good to be aggressive. But his aggression was too much and when you play aggressive against a good player, It's actually better not to be that aggressive. It's better to play controlled aggression. His aggression was just I'm going to shotgun you in the face. I don't care if I have five health. I don't care if I have 200 health. I'm just going to try to shopping you in the face. And while he did Jacques in the face, once we learned very quickly that he was aggressive and we adjusted our place now, we kept the distance. We kept The High Ground him and we ended up killing him. Also when you're building up to somebody who has a higher ground on you never just build straight up the way he did what you want to do. If you want to you want to double ramp and you'll see you'll so if you have to you want to put forth between you and your opponent, so I'll give you a quick example, right? Let's say somebody is on top of that hill and I'm trying to push up towards him and I'm right here. I'm right here instead of building up a ramp and just like ramping up like this. Normally you don't want to do that. What you want to do. You want to double ramp Do you want to build a ramp on top of you and Rampello you and you do this do this number? I know you get up like this or you can go straight like this. Wrap this around go up like that grow up like that. So ramp above you rent below you or for above you for below you that all plays apart into protecting you as you're going up back. He just went straight up. So I was able to shock in it for free in Anaheim for free as he was going straight up some Thank you so much for the donation by appreciate that. I'm going to read all the messages and all the donations and all the subs in between the matches cuz right now I'm doing educational commentaries and I want to be focused. I'm not too happy that we only have three kills this one. No, not laughing with the salty. We landed salty correctly, and I love you with the salty this game song. I've been unfortunate. I like to post videos but I really want to post at least 10 + kills on the commentaries. Cuz if it's if it's under 10 kills is not enough fights to learn from and the games last 20 minutes whether we get like 15 kills Orbach Hills, the game's almost lost around 20 minutes, so I'd rather I'd rather put games in that have at least 10 pills. Cuz what time kills you there's a lot more to learn than just from like six or seven kills for the last few people remaining if we kill all 9. We'll have 12 kills total now if we can kill the last night, I'll be nice if somebody over here. Headshots in that direction that means there is somebody there. rocket and where she going to give up? We got a sniper rifle here. This guy parachute on top of us. Going to trap town. I need just going to ER right if he's probably going to be all right, he's at he's in that little box. So I'm going to ramp up. I hate you very best double ramp. Over the top cover up pop one of these bad boys. Is there any test? I think he has to come up? rocket launcher dropping down now she's that we drop down because on the water Squad trying to locate where the skies I see him. He's a wee drop down. I usually don't give up unless the person is extremely weak. And since we landed a rocket out and then I just assumed he was extremely weak and we were right about that. We finish them off with the rocket got some blue located who was shooting at us and finish that guy off to he has a jump pad over there and I really I'm hoping that I can get some Healing some help from from this guy. I don't think he had anything though. I'll salute him though. Not a very good spot health-wise. I see somebody building something elaborate over there. I'm going to try to go towards there, but we got a jump pad and we upgrade to the star that's not bad at all so we can survive a sniper hit. To the body so that this right here, whatever you guys doing. We're going to try to run up that I don't know if that's accurate enough to blow it up, but I'm hoping it is he'll probably take a lot of damage if it hits the right spot Seattle for the best. Yeah. Let's get the plot of sniper rifle. We're going straight up and where she going to push towards her. HR site me mountain top Bethany to go right down in the way of thinking I was going I was going to let him get bashed July even though you took fall damage and eat to the clean body shot. You play very aggressive but we were able to turn it around on him now. I don't know if it's a shield. I'm just going to assume all his loot is right here and we'll be in a better spot than where we were when we find him. So that's at least that's good. May 4th November try to use that Shield right there and very foolish attempt to extend out as much as he did just to get one measly chest. We look at my side by spots. I'll be over there. He's at shooting AR-15 I need I do not not from us, but they're just see his little like vial over the place. I was pushing on in let's push on in right now as we speak by somebody down. Woodland moving in Is my rocket by the way, that fight is because the rocket was a little too. The rock it was a little too risky. That's too risky right here. I'm not back up. So I'm going to back up check my sides Bichon. Keep trying to destroy us he's going to stress. So I put One login I backed up after you start shooting at me. I'm going to drop down right now put on my sniper rifle might be able to get a shot and whoever's there. I don't see anybody. I'm going to go take this Loop. jetpack all that stuff go over-the-top. I'm not trying to mess with the got another Jonas. This town puppies to Shields. The guy was getting shot in the back. So I assume he's hiding right now. He might be going up. If he is. I'll be ready to drop him into the spike trap as she's right there. How do you hit on them? At this point I will drop the sniper. I mean not the rocket. I will drop the shotgun. Is it only one player left? That player is over here because we heard him shoot at her opponent. Is summer over here? Cuz we we heard him to it at the person that we were fighting when the safe Zone coming right up. So remember earlier when I said if we wanted to get 12 kills, we have to kill the last nine people remaining what we killed eight of the last nine what we're about to kill hopefully 8 of the last night was this guy practically kills us, which is pretty good actually like like early and find anybody there was nine people left there was nine people left and we killed the last eight people right there. The reason I jump at it is cuz the guy was shooting grenade launchers that me and I wanted to get behind him ASAP. I'm going to assume the disguise behind this tree right in front of me. So eenie. Meenie miney mo. Is out there. What is a good it was a good guess as we did hear him coming from? from the side got to be cautious. The one gets sniped. He's out of the air. That's for sure. We did hear him shoot from this area. So might be closer than we think. Is he a bush? I'm gonna pop on these make its might as well. We got time. Oh, you know you might be right behind that wall right there by me. Always a bush out in the open. I can't believe I missed that. It's not easy to land shots on but you're sometimes because you ain't the bush, but you might be like Amy wide over the shoulder. He's in this area right here. He's pushing for. Skip 17 traps, we should definitely use the straps. You know some Rockets. Hispanic and he said hey. paixao panties Boston This is my building actually so I can build this freely. Ashley is it. Is he running outside or is he running inside or he's outside? I see a man. We can just rock him to death if you wanted to maybe a no scope. This is cruel chat. This is cruel. I think he stopped in to heal or something. It seems like he's stopping for a hill. Tell me the rent. Isanti I kind of want to layer some traps over here. Little maze can't hurt, right. Although I got to be cautious though because I could very easily get double headshot in for the scar. My ramps good fight man. The fight that was solid that was solid killing eight of the last nine people. I think I think that makes for a good video so that number to done for today if you guys enjoyed that make sure you like favorite scribe for the YouTube audience. If you're on Twitch, just make sure you follow the stream. I do this all the time the little maze the end. We we got them. We got them even though our transfer kind of transcripts there by rotating on their own. 11 kills I had three when there was only 10 people left. I had three there was 10 people left. That's cool. That's actually a nice. Endgame right there. gg-go Willie thing for the hundred bits


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