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HOW TO WIN | Mistakes to Avoid - Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

HOW TO WIN | Mistakes to Avoid - Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

We learn from our mistakes. So the commentaries basically be focused on what my point it could have done better and what mistakes they made that led to the death. So hopefully we get a little bit more early action cuz we didn't get too much action. Last name. I'm going straight for the chest. Drop down table and hear somebody's right there. So her mistake was either not landing on the roof or not Landing inside on the front door and jumping straight to the front door. You don't expose yourself like that by the time she was just out in the open is not like a lot of protection there That was a simple simple clean up. I'll go ahead and Poppy's 2. Shields right now as well get Marley. Wanted to let you know we got a scar on our first verse chest, but it happens. Break the Furnitures for some extra materials on her way out. Alexander shotgun, really Oh, yeah, it's been great actonel. What makes more sense, you know is the green tax there was always a very garbage gun. Not at the green is gray. It makes a little more sense a quick tip. If you jump on this tire, I haven't shown the Santa video yet. If you jump on his tire, you can put a floor down to land on the floor and like it inside the house right works right now. I'm feeling but you get my point, right? However, there's a trick where you can jump twice as high if you walk on the tire and jump right as you walk on it, you get two times the height and you can jump directly into this house like this. like this Is it? Not a bad little tip to know. And you don't you don't you don't have to use any materials at all? You just jump directly in cash people off guard. I'm so got double double shotgun. The green pump is now the great pump the old gray pump and the old green pump is now a blue so it's not so it kind of makes more sense because the green pump is really strong. I got a f cast his mom probably called him over. Go ahead and pick up the hunting rifle Ashley. Picking up for the bandages that I really need the the band just right now. rocket launcher I'll take the rocket. Hunting rifle rocket and Chaka. She'll put the rocket right there. I would probably be more useful. I think I heard somebody down here. Not too sure. This house has been looted. Definitely not by our main guy earlier. I'm going to drop the hunting rifle for the impulse grenades. Is a personal choice sometimes I like the impulsive rifle over there spamming ARS on this guy? To the skies going to be distracted. We may be able to take advantage of this if he doesn't see us back here. And I just creep up on him. Can go straight up like this high up and it should a rock into the base. Call Raquel. His mistake was one. He heard the rocket didn't react until it landed and then on the second rocket, you didn't build to protect from where the first rocket was coming from which tremendously Rockets are really not that overpowered. Once you hear a rocket coming your way. You just immediately build build build build build and block off all entrances all entrances to your face and make sure there's no potential Splash damage available that guy just moved way too slow to react now. This guy is pushing him. We should leave to areas No, not situation is really nothing. You could have done to make any mistakes. You just got head shot and a half and sometimes. Is a jump and that's nice that makes things a little easier for us little less stressful. Skip on the move. I'm turning some of these trees down so I can have some extra wood on my way out. I'm going to bed now. So Are Emma I'm going to say no. We should be able to make it out without hitting the storm. That's good. We have 651 which is more than enough game to be fights. I could quick tip. If you're trying to like swap between your traps. You can just go to your trap and then use the button that you use to swap materials. So for my mouse, it's this right click. Right places. Materials right click to swap traps. I don't have a second. But that's how I do it all out and ready to go. We're an open field. So we might catch some people entering be safe son. Just got to keep our eyes peeled. So they didn't add a blue pump by the way that none of that none of that changed. The green pump is now blue. The grey pump is not green. That's really what all that changed. I'm trying to find out who Snapchat me. It seemed like it was a little further behind. I'm not too sure. But I can probably stuck in the ship should have me again. Hopefully not a headshot or body shot cuz I don't have any extra Shields. the remedy that Did somebody way off in the distance? She stopped for some reason. You can expect that. You can't expect somebody just to randomly stop. Can you? Is a crate going down? I do want to go for the crate. I see another person over there. Where in the safe Zone? Which is really dead. So he might be trying to get inside the house. Which is fine with me if he's inside their makes things a little easier for me when my point of boxes themselves in actually have an easier time killing them. Actually, he's inside what I'm going to do first cuz I'm going to break. The windows. I mean, I'm going to break the doors off. I'm going to box Us in two. So if he tries to escape from the from that thing it's going to be a little harder open this up and had shot him. So what I did was I broke the doors. So now he has no fast Escape Routes. And then what I did over here was he was shooting at this one, right? So I box this one in so even if he broke through this he would still have to have broken through this that or the ramp right and I went around the back opened up and I shot him in the face. His mistake was one. You don't want to box yourself in like that. You want to put yourself in a tight situation with somebody's pushing you because then they can approach you four different directions. You can approach them never to you. Once he realized that I was breaking the doors so he could Escape you should have immediately try to like shoot another wall down. He took he took too long to react to the situation and he was sitting still try not like the ones he decided to break another wall. He was kind of sitting still which made it very easy for me to head shot him. So that was his mistakes just got outplayed. He made it easy for me to play him by putting himself in that situation. alrighty We're on the north side of the lake. Southside has Tilted still in play so you probably assumed more people going to be there. My goal is to get at least five more kills for this commentary. So it's worth uploading only when I put good stuff you feel me? I don't know if there's somebody hiding in there. It looks like a weird structure. It could just be that they went for the chest. I was over there. 30 more mean, I don't see anybody in his Open Fields. Imma keep going south towards tilted Towers try to find some people leaving tilted. Be somebody off in distance. Is very far away funny. I need to leave my Shalimar. Why does it seem like his jump is a bit laggy like it seems like he's going up and hesitating and then coming down. I'm no. But he's he's a he spotted me which is actually really good and it seems like he's pushing towards me. Over the top cut cut up like this. break that I'm trying to put my own floor down. The open up a massage. So I let me show you what he did wrong because this guy asking you how to build but it is something extremely extremely wrong and he he open up this wall. He opened it up and he like dropped down here and start building that way. You don't want to do that. Right? Let me see what you do instead. I'm on top of the right you open up the wall. You put a ramp you put on top of you and you double ramp are you turn around and you swing around like this? Okay it is when you drop this side like that. All you do is you give me a free shot to hit you unfortunately have to drop the impulse grenades because The Shield at you valuable right now. and I'mma drop the two men gets I could I could keep the the Meg gets inside a big Shield. I just value the big show a little more and situation. So him drop it like that. It gives me it gives me free hits. You don't want that. Also, right when he landed on the the jump pad when he landed he landed in a very awkward way. I got a free shot him and then like I still had The High Ground. We thought I wasn't going to build you something. This is an educational commentary. I am focusing on the mistakes of my opponents during his commentary right now. What I'm doing is I'm looking for somebody as soon as I look at somebody I'm going to fly towards them. I see somebody off in the distance. Probably not a good idea for what that guys doing. Don't think I'm going to head home from here. I hear a grenade launcher shots down over here. Yeah, there it. Is. He shooting up. I'm not going to go down. I'm going to I'm going to try to hit the guy who has high ground you feel me? The guy Raz icons probably a better better person to fight plus he has a rocket and Rockets So, I'm going to go over the top over the top. slide down now that's got probably not try to take advantage of the fact that we just spot. Maybe he thinks I'm weak. Ana White Take High Ground. in a box, man Okay, I'll build him. I trapped him. I'm just going to stay put for now. I'm just being patient. There's no reason to panic. I'm going to put a ramp in between me and him and a wall. He's shooting grenade launcher shots, to go over the top now. I haven't shopped here. I think he is trying to put this down. Add a trap did not go off for some reason and it's nearly killed me. I'm very upset about that actually don't know why the traffic to work. It should have worked. It should have worked. This guy is going to shoot rockets at me. I really want to get one of these off. Use the jump pad to get out. You got guided rocket and that me as well. Tell Rakim. Me. I'm just staying calm right now. Let him let him do anything. I'm fine over here. Never let my sniper. Wheeler my air that guy has high ground. I don't think he can stay up there forever. That's coming from me. Not worried about that. I worry about that because some got a guy on our back. You got to go over there. They don't fit with have Rockets. They both playing very passive when Grace scared. That guy's actually building up higher. How to track down going to wait patiently I think he dropped. He did drop pick it up. Pick it up. I get up high ground. I might I might give him a hug around back just so the other guy can focus him instead of me. Give me my ice builds right now. AC he's trying to get back. Why does stay calm? Get rid of that tree so I can get some vision. are traps at High Ground I have limited materials. Make this work will make it work behind that Ridge over there. He's going to break his thing down right now. I don't know why my Don't know why my walls were building properly. but they weren't my walls are like building the wrong thing. I got them. My traps are not working. Dude, okay. We got the killing him. We got the kill we out we edited the shit out of him, which is only way only reason we got to kill the first place, but we got it. Honestly, honestly mascot is no way the sky to missiles going to work. I think I think the snipers in have to do it. My dropping me to shoot him, but I don't know. Evernote That's how it's done. So. The last two guys we have to outplay tremendously this guy he wasn't building too. Well, right he was sparing rockets and everything, but he wasn't building too. Well. His name is steak was that he ran around the ramp and he gave me a hug and he didn't protect himself as I was shooting down on him. So really close game really stressful moments because we didn't have like a medkit sore healing but if you guys enjoyed that educational commentary and you're watching on Twitch, make sure you follow the stream and if you were subscribers you watching on YouTube make sure you like the video subscribed Channel turn on notifications. So you notified when output another commentary that was what not to do basically focusing on my opponents mistakes, and I'll do more of those in the future Gigi guys to get some before watching. My name is cipher. I'll see you guys next time. Shuffle ass,


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