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I Got The PRISONER SKIN and WEEK 9 Challenge Guide in Fortnite Snowfall Challenges!

I Got The PRISONER SKIN and WEEK 9 Challenge Guide in Fortnite Snowfall Challenges!

Let's see Barry is skyscraper. You guys leaving today or we have the week 9 challenges also known as the time but we get the week 9 skin surprise. I have completed every week 3 challenge which means I already need to do for of these challenges in the week 9 to be able to get the brand new skin you guys going to show you guys the process that it took me to do some of these week 9 challenges and then me and Lucky brand new week 9 mm is crazy. Okay, I don't know if the guys in this is the first time you see my face make sure neither created code the guys that is about it. Let's go. Daiso in the game right now and guide the challenges that literally just come out and itchy this second. So let's have a child is right now guys and let's see what we have to do for the week 9 challenges guys. You don't have to do for these challenges. I'm pretty sure if you'd already done all you are the way they charge. Guys, you know, your boy is organized and I am ready so we have to use a sneaky Snowman in different matches London retail row as a stage challenge retail row top 10 golden balloons dance on a sundial which is another stage challenge eliminations and complete time trials. The guys I need to do for challenges of winds are going to go with the dancing Walnut the shotgun eliminations one and only if I can find sneaky snowman. So let me tell you exactly how to do these challenges come to think of it. Looks like a lot of people know that retail row is going to be a crystalline for the week 9 challenges. Oh my goodness. Wish me luck. I only need three and a super super easy. Okay, maybe we're going to have to maybe we're going to have to go with a different strategy and we are going to get this challenge in this game. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go back. I want 25hp dough. So alright lime. Frosty flights takes to complete. downtown Sundown stage water complete are we going to Shogun animation retail? Oh my goodness. Let's go another shot gun elimination eliminate opponents at junk Junction retail row now guys his size cup of coffee. That we go where I got you a bottle. I don't want it that way right now. So guys we have to do is just get some of this building and we should have it pop up. That way you guys can see about the stage for a lot of Shifty shafts. Let's go to the final stage of leiningen places is Dusty and Dusty and then dies a hole in tile challenge of Learning Place is completely down your guys. I'm about to dive right now and then we will be one challenge a way which we have to do every junk Junction, which I'm sure you guys are just a second but it's not here get a chance real quick spiders days London Dusty divot. Let's go because I've done it every single week challenge up to this week. So guys the ones I did was eliminate eliminate eliminate three people with a shotgun the battle under five different places Wichita Falls you too, and I dance on top of a clock oversized cup of coffee, which was the first one to Paradise that you have to go to Dusty. Now that I have to do is dance on top of like a I think there's like a dog or something by Ernest guys. This is the last stage until we get to see and I'm so excited to see our reward for completing a week 9 challenge closed and complete. Let's see Baron and his guys congratulations get the prisoner outfit looks amazing. And then we are you kidding me. I got sick so much. Will she makes you smash the lights in Sky childhood education song guys. There is the legendary prisoner outfit with a d-pad loback lane by is crazy to be an awesome looking back play with it, but guys and then dies.


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