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Fortnite ALL Season 7 Week 5 Challenges Guide! Fortnite Battle Royale - Giant Rocks,

Fortnite ALL Season 7 Week 5 Challenges Guide! Fortnite Battle Royale - Giant Rocks, Ranger Tower

Hey guys, what's up? My name is Smosh Brandon. Welcome to today's video in this video. We're going to talk about the week 5 guide like unhatched complete the challenges tips tricks so that you can complete all the challenges in a very fast weight. So before we begin make sure you guys give this video a big like cuz that would be awesome cuz that would make you know that I okay like you guys are appreciating the content for the hard work that we put into making all these videos and subscribe to the channel cuz we're very close to two hundred thousand subscribers subscribers. Let's hope we can reach that goal to make sure you just go down there but take half a second subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification about to be notified for Daily 4 Dead videos from this Channel. And also I wanted to let you guys know that all this time it's been like I don't know a few days and the giveaways going on and the last few days are left. So if you guys can go down there and check on them.First language is in the description and register yourself what I mean? I thought to myself like whoa, you guys have been supporting me all this time subscribe to the channel to do something in return. So that's the reason I'm giving out a season 7 battle pass on me know if you already have a battle pass you can register and if you win the you're going to get v-bucks with that you can buy a battle pass. I mean if you already have a battle pass when you can get skins emotes from the item shop, I mean, whatever you guys want so register yourself stand a chance to win. The competition is fair and simple. I hope you guys win this giveaway. What happened to today's video in today's we were going to talk about the week 5 challenges. I mean 4 weeks ago during week 5 and in a couple of hours, the challenges are dropping so that these are the challenges. So the first one is to deal damage to opponents structures know it's a super easy one to deal damage to opponents structures not supposed to destroy.Play structures first. I need to find the structures second. Then I need to destroy it. Will I can give you guys some tips with that? You can complete this challenge. So first of all, true that your favorite spot wherever you guys land, let's consider salty Springs. So you guys are letting it salty Springs. But while you guys are landing you need to rotate your movement Kiara like the way you use a mouse or like anything on your Gamepad to look around and see where are the other players are dropping. So looking to their someone's dropping it does to your able to see them that they're coming down and Dusty and they're going to Salty Springs. So, you know, when those people are looting the movie making ramps or walls, whatever they will be doing that. Well, you you and your team can load up in salty Springs when you're done we can go to just give it you can break the Rams or else will I get into team fight and win the fight and break the Rams or else the TV?You can come down and break someone else's structure or stay alive for long enough till many game are laid game so that he can destroy other people's structure the ones they're done fighting what happens like 1/2 P22 teens fight. And after the fight is done did leave the spot. Well, then you can go and ask your friends to destroy the structures start from the top don't start from the bottom. Cuz if you destroy the one which is at the bottom all the structures going to fall down to hurt you guys to start from the bottom and then go down cuz then you are going to have like more structures to destroy one of the amazing tips that I'm going to give you.Let's challenge dance on top of a water tower. Now this water tower exactly located at retail row is the exact corner. So just make sure you can just get down there retail row row. My advice would be just to get out of there have something in her locker emote you start emoting so you can do that. So once you get on top of the wash water tower, you need to start dancing stage one has done moving over to state number to dance on top of a ranger tower. Now, this Ranger Tower is exactly located in this in the spot, which I was supposed. I'm showing you guys on the video right now, which is exactly at lonely Lodge Tower. So you need to come over here and dance on top of it. So I heard you guys at the buses from Paradise or lonely or the block while it's a really really easy for you to get to those spots in.2000 top of the Ranger Tower by the final stage is to dance in top of air traffic control towers. Are there like many Towers like reddish like, you know colored like where they're like airports nearby. So you took over there and it's just start dancing over there. Everything will be in the video and we're going to make like specific video to discern challenges so that I can help you guys out with the same. Now. The next one is to eliminate an opponent from closer than five meters are away. Now. I need to take someone out from closer than five meters are away. Well, the best answer would be to use a shotgun and where to use it to the towers salty Springs Shifty shafts. These are the spot we're going to have like really close proximity fights what I mean Eclipse 475 like fights like a very close distance like not long ways just seemed like if you consider Pleasant park or somewhat like an Open Fields,So use the shotgun would be the key to complete the challenge. Well, you need to elements an important about sometimes it what happens if you knock someone down you get closer to that person and you take that person out or can you use your shotgun to get into close proximity fight anything that person on? Well, if I were you I would like consider and think much about the challenge cuz you take out people by using the shotgun, but you're not worrying about it. Cuz all the Shopkin fighter in the very close proximity like medium-range fight Simon really depends if you have a heavy shotgun but most of us he like use an SMG or ar, like a assault rifle sell shotguns would be the perfect right of here to complete the challenge or a pistol my work pistol or even a trap my work in this situation. If you're nearby challenge, which is suppressed weapon elimination of this one can get a little bit top.Could it suppressed weapon? So it suppressed weapons are the weapons which has a suppressor on it? Like we have the suppressed scar. We have this sounds pistol disciple guns are the one that you should be using complete. This challenge now is someone so how to play this one in a game of squats cuz we are going to be much more safer considered like your teammates is is fighting and you get lucky enough and you use your express car or suppressed pistol to take someone out and you just take that personally with some other gun like ones that person is knocked out super simple super easy cuz you're willing to give us a chance that you might find suppressed pistol cuz it's a game of solos and it was trying too hard to get that win Sarge you guys to play like some chill games with your friends in the game of squats complete this one super simple super easy way out for me for going to be like, how dumb is supposed toComplete this challenge, I would suggest using a suppressed scar first thing. It's available in plenty and we can use it deal with a lot of damage. It's pretty cool medium-range long-range. I like it. I like the gun or and also you can get into like one of the team games like 50/50 3030 like all this game so that you have a higher chance of taking someone out. Make sense to the next challenge, which is the search chests at wailing wood or Paradise Palms super easy. All you just get down at our Paradise Farms open a chest or leave the game or are they going to get killed us? I want to try to kill someone to complete the challenge moving over to the next challenge search between three now. This is this location would be exactly overhear your tomato temple on top of this mountain. I'm going to put a clipping over here so that you guys would know like where this exact location is. So they're like rock formations over here as theirs is dirt pads. If you come over here, you will be able to see the secret star for that certain week. So once you are over here, you can complete the challenge in a very easy way we have challenges for this certain weeks. If you want you can check out this video as if you want to complete your challenge in a very easy way you guys at least until this part of this video. I hope you guys have like this video And subscribe to your channel for more videos. This in the future and also next challenge which is to land in different stages. So you need to let a different spots at different stages. So this one is exactly at polar Peak. The first one is at polar Peak. And after that there would like some other places where you need to learn to complete your challenges complete the challenge really becomes easy Once you guys are becoming a part of this cuz I subscribe to the channel you will be notified every single time. We are making a new video on this channel we're going live so you will be notified every single time. We do something on this and you're going to be a happy person when it comes out the important. So as always check out the first link in the description, I would really be happy if you guys can participate the rules are simple click on the link register yourself for the giveaway stand a chance to win some V bucks by that you can get at season 7 battle pass or skins by skins from the item shop. I mean do whatever you guys want. I just want you guys to be happy. Thank you so much guys for watching this video. And as always the week Five Guys has was this one. I'm going to see you guys in my next video check out the video switcher appear on the screen, and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this videos from the channel as well or just using Instagram and Twitter you guys. Have a great time in fortnite. Goodbye.


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