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Battle Royale is BORING

Battle Royale is BORING

Let's all try to remember that this video is a reflection of my personal opinion. And we all know the internet is the best place to have a peaceful debate, right? Alright, let's begin if your name is Patrick and you don't know what battle royale is. Allow me to quickly summarize you in approximately ninety nine other people drop into a large map with weapons and ammunitions conveniently scattered everywhere and try to figure out as fast as you can so you can start killing shit as the match progresses. The map is push smaller and smaller buy some sort of Wall of Death moving players closer together until finally one person or Squad remains, which Israeli my prisoner squat, but I'm not very good at most games. Luckily. I have OnStar but a carry me, I'm not bored by Battle Royale because I'm bad at it. Although that could be a contributing factor. I'm bored of it because it's boring the initial drop. Give me fun and exciting because you're in the ship most of the time scrambling to be the first person with a gun so you can kill everyone in the area or at least make it out. If you're a coward after that though, the game is basically just running from place to place hoping you can find some better guns or in my case something to fucking do I think most of us can agree that this is the part of these games that is the least fun. Even if you argue that the payoff makes it more exciting your heart's not exactly pumping the whole time especially if he flies far. He possibly can away from everyone because you're not good enough to survive the initial battles in which case you're skipping one of the three fun things about this game and jumping right into the Walking Dead simulator saving Mo hunting things on our way. That's a different boring drama show with a pretty good first you season in the payoff is exciting or at least it can be that's the second thing. That's fun about this game that satisfying moment when you finally run into someone kill them and take all their ship for your own. You can have several moments like this and just one match and it's the part of the game that feels less about luck and more about skill people. Enjoy Battle Royale for the same reasons that they buy lottery tickets. It's a game of chance. Of course in video games are certain precautions, you can take and strategies to use that can drastically increase your chances of success, like popping Adderall and playing nothing but Shooters until your aim is sharper than a pickaxe which is better be because those seem pretty fucking dough but a lot of the game is still based on chance. There's a chance to get gunned down before you can find a weapon a chance that the enemy can get the drop on you and of course a chance that your bike will shut the fuck out and kill you instantly at least in pubg. The element of Randomness is what keeps you coming back to the game and saying one more try even if the number one outcome isn't likely it's possible. It's also competition that primitive instinct to be the best at something or at least better than others. Oh my God, my cat is fucking scratching things in the case of Battle Royale games though. I think the competition takes a fuck you what are you doing in the case of Battle Royale games though? I think the competition takes a backseat to chaos. Every competitive game has variables that are outside of your control for example and games like Rainbow Six Siege. You can't control what operators are on the other team so you can always be prepared to counter them. Especially if it's fucking Legion these variables keep the game interesting and unique each time around and without them the game might feel stale and boring for me Battle Royale games have the opposite problem too many variables rather than too few the randomness for some is exciting and makes each match unpredictable, but for me and takes away too much control. I enjoy competition as much as the next gamer which is why I was able to sit through over two hundred hours in a game like for Honor. I didn't play for Honor for the chaos and uncontrollable ganking of the four before game modes. I was played for the duels that intense mind game that you played with your opponent trying to map out what they're going to do next and how you can use that against them. In other words just said, weight for a Perry I would improve is a player from almost every clothes match and it felt like there was always something new for me to learn which is exactly where Battle Royale games fail me because so much of the game is left to a roll of the dice the window for improving feels so much smaller. Look at me playing for Honor with the feeling of constant growth and eating one more match to exercise my mistakes and improve my strengths. Where is in pubg? It's more about luck and seeing what can happen the next time around. So not only am I bored out of my mind while I'm running from place to place with no action for sometimes dubious amount of time, but I'm also tired of every match being an uphill battle or at the flip a coin of the beginning and let fate decide. If I'm even going to survive the first five minutes spoiler alert. I usually don't if I do survive I get to spend 15 minutes running around looking for things to kill until the circle gets small enough that the action ramps up again. That is if I don't get quick scope by 7 special ops God of gaming before I make it that far even though every matches you need to the last it feels repetitive to me. The only fond memories I have of these games are funny moments with friends, which is the third fun thing about Battle Royale. Of course playing with friends is fun in almost any game and I'd much rather spend time with them playing a game that I actually enjoy. Maybe I'm in the wrong headspace though. And if you have a different opinion, you want to share a post in the comments. I do actually read them shit. Did I just say that out loud? Just try to keep the you're a fucking cut comments to a minimum. I'm trying to be family-friendly here. I can understand why people think these games are fun and in the past. I have enjoyed them. I just don't understand how everyone is still playing them. It's just funny to me that the game was so much chaos and Randomness can still feel like the same thing every time.


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