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Use Keep It Mello at a trucker's oasis, ice cream parlor and a frozen lake - Marshy S

Use Keep It Mello at a trucker's oasis, ice cream parlor and a frozen lake - Marshy Smasher Guide

Challenges have been updated visit the showtime venue and use keep it Mello at a truckers Oasis ice cream parlor in a frozen lake should be easy enough was getting done. February 2nd 2 p.m. Eastern time All right, guys. live events in game Give me really cool. You can't get on the booth though. Are overhead. I really saw the preview. Look at this guy's going to ruin everything look at them. You can try to ruin everything is all this and that's it right there. Does always want it sitting right there and you got to get going to get it now, but remember that guys, there's always someone that will not want you to enjoy yourself and we just proved it right there. Okay, so you get the keep it Mello emote from visiting the venue at Pleasant Park. So now we have to do this emote at those three locations and we should get the pickaxe. All right, so I'm assuming the truck stop or or the truck stop. I miss you in the truck. Stop Oasis is here, but it might be the ice cream parlor. I know the frozen lake is greasy for sure. So the truck Stoppers Oasis, maybe I think I got it. I believe truck Stoppers Oasis is going to be over here the frozen lake is obviously a greasy Grove rest in peace. And in the ice cream parlor, I believe it's right here, see how close we have to be. It didn't seem to work till closer. Did the guy killing people? So keep it Mello was two different emotes. I don't know. I'm not getting the chat lights here. Am I getting the challenge here? They are we go. I don't know if any of anywhere else in the map at Celica truck stop. So. Should be good to go to get over here. Looks like this guy's going there as well. He specifically got out over here. So it's alright. It's so this isn't this exactly where you need to be. I never knew it was actually called this. So that's cool. Maybe I can. Be right here and say GG. very cool Oh, God, please. Don't ban me for this fortnite. Please. Don't ban me for this. I'm just trying to get the emote unlock the NBA. It's not intentional. We're just trying to hear a challenge guy kills you before I get there moving very upset it. We'll see how it goes. We'll see how it goes. I'm a little nervous. Actually. You can't trust a man. What I tell you. It's cuz I didn't I didn't notice it had the neon inside the glider as well. Bicycle geiderman definitely worth it for the money dude, really good glider. How many how many other people are going to land here? And make it mellow with your boy here. She said to be right on the edge. I don't think you have to be like in the middle or at the frozen lake. Oh, we got a brother over here. brother I don't trust congratulations. Enjoy the show. We got a new Banner. Nice and the marshy Smasher? Tech the Marshall Smashers got a subwoofer in the bottom. It's like a big speaker. It seems to have like a like a spectral axe. No, it was just here we go. Every hit is the song. in the glider It's kind of nice gradient to it like a chameleon effect is what I'm seeing right now. streaky leaves So the sound previewed. The song but I'm assuming it's only on opponents. It wasn't letting in the pregame the sound of it, but when you're harvesting and I see makes the sound listen. It's there. Give me I'm perfect. So you could equip. I'm going to stay with him because I finished his friend and I feel bad. But that's what you going to get guys with the pickaxe. It looks good. It's Unique in the sounds when you're harvesting is it's very cool guys. It's it's free to own so you don't have to get the marshmallow anything to own the actual pickaxe. So everyone should have this pickaxe. And with that being said like in the video is always appreciate subscribing is free support a Creator piz0 in the item shop. If not me you somebody and when I stream


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